RIP Uncle Mike Barnett USMC Sgt. and Vietnam Veteran

Posted by Jennifer on September 10, 2010

My Uncle Mike Barnett died this week at his home in Little Rock Arkansas.  He was a Marine Corps Sgt. in Vietnam and while he never told stories or talked about his time there, he was incredibly proud to be a Marine.  The family has asked that donations, in lieu of flowers, go to our organization Stiggy’s Dogs, or another Veteran organization.  We have received donations already, and they will be used to provide therapy dogs for all Veterans and their families.  My Wife Jennifer and I are in Jacksonville, North Carolina at Camp Lejeune delivering a dog to a Marine Sgt. who served with Ben so we will not be able to attend the funeral which makes this an incredibly emotional time for us.  As we complete this final stage of the last year of work, we are even more motivated to put the support and funding that we have received to good use by tirelessly helping Marines, Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen from our armed forces.  Thank you for all who have donated, and keep checking back with us to see how your support is making a difference in the lives of our Veterans who have served and now need a helping hand.

Thank you Uncle Mike.  Make sure you and Ben don’t drink all the beer before I get there!

Semper Fi and Rest in Peace!

“Only the dead have seen the end of war.” -Plato

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  • Kevin Major says:

    I served with Mike in Vietnam. A great guy. Sad that he has passed on. Much too young. After many years, we finally re-connected in 2008. We talked via email about getting together for Marine Weekend in Washington DC. , in August, Mike did get there. Due to my work schedule, I could not. In the future, I hope I can make these events, nothing can be more important or rewarding. Once again, SSGT. Mike Barnett teaches me a lesson. Semper Fi

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